List of animals for sale - 2012

[Last updated: Tuesday, February 21, 2012]

(Also see Auctions).

All prices are per animal (VAT excluded)
and subject to change and/or availability.

Game from various sources: Transport cost excluded.

Capture and delivery by African Wildlife Services

Game to be delivered between April and August 2012. Transport cost of N$32.50 per load per km for truck and trailer and N$27 per load per km for trucks only; and VAT is excluded.

Description Unit Price
Springbok (breeding group)
N$ 1,200
Springbok (mature males)
N$ 2,850
Impala (breeding group)
N$ 2,500
Impala (mature males only)
N$ 4,850
Blesbok (breeding group)
N$ 2,500
Blesbok (mature males)
N$ 3,950
Black wildebeest (breeding group)
N$ 2,600
Black wildebeest (mature males)
N$ 7,500
Blue wildebeest (breeding group)
N$ 1,950
Blue wildebeest (mature males)
N$ 5,500
Red hartebeest (breeding group)
N$ 2,450
Red hartebeest (mature males)
N$ 3,950
Kudu (breeding group with no mature males)
N$ 2,950
Kudu (mature males)
N$ 6,750
Gemsbok (breeding group)
N$ 2,400
Gemsbok (females only)
Gemsbok (mature males)
N$ 2,700
Gemsbok (sub-adult males)
Ostrich (breeding group)
N$ 1,750
Eland (breeding group with no mature males)
N$ 4,750
Eland (mature males)
N$ 14,500
Hartmann's zebra (family unit)
N$ 8,000
Burchell's zebra (family unit)
N$ 8,500
Giraffe (2 males : 3 females)
N$ 13,750
Waterbuck (breeding group)
N$ 8,500
Waterbuck (mature males)
N$ 17,500
Black-faced impala (breeding group)
N$ 12,500
Nyala (breeding group)
N$ 16,500
Lechwe (breeding group)
N$ 16,500
Tsessebe (1 male : 2 females)
N$ 25,000
Sable antelope (females)
Sable antelope (mature male)
N$ 70,000
Sable antelope (sub-adult male)
N$ 40,000
Roan antelope (females)
Roan antelope (mature male)
N$ 70,000
Roan antelope (sub-adult male)
N$ 40,000
Golden oryx
N$ 400,000
White rhino (1 male : 1 female)
N$ 275,000
Transport /load km (truck and trailer)
N$ 32.50
Transport /load km (truck)
N$ 27.00